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A Moment In a Vision

by Insineratehymn

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  • A Moment In a Vision
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Layout by Justin Stubbs/Restless Nerve
    Cover Art by Karl Dahmer
    On clear cassette, lmtd 100 copies.
    7 tracks, program repeats on Side B.

    Includes unlimited streaming of A Moment In a Vision via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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A walk amongst my descending mortality To capitulate this Aura’s grasp I welcome its warm embrace And succumb to its tormenting essence Sworn to a misguided wisdom Where a scripture is torn And those heavenly voices Forsake my existence Amongst the venerated sepulcher My fathomless senses torn in twain Where once stood infinite perception Lies the horrendous omissions Astray the orb of irony Devoted to nourish sacred teachings These morals bestowed upon deaf ears For eons we live sacred and deprived of sight Uneased by a strenuous discernment Contrived to a righteous practice Astonished by recited lectures But when will perseverance reimburse your faith Upon this stroll through forsaken domains Where the remains of omniscient views Are hailed amongst this absolute nothing The arise of an enigmatic voyage
Insidious desires of the ancient ones Oh how they scrounger my archaic being And contort a susceptible way of life An ethereal expulsion will dismay my corpse But why must I endure this endless scourge I’ve relinquished all that I hold dear Endorsing my faith in your lectures Blinded by your malevolent ways Behold the grace of blasphemous valor Upon this throne of biased judgment Your teachings of what lies beyond existence Poisons the streams of infinite wisdom Gratifying the thirst of naïve scholars Who devote their lives to wretched scriptures Forever deemed impure and stigmatized Unworthy of your pathetic words You dare to defy the sacred masses Forever restrained they will serve Conditioned to detest foul proclamations Manifested by estranged beliefs Defying creation on the seventh day Where fraudulent prophets will reign As penurious souls live in sorrow With aspirations for eternal life Bow to the ageless fathers of origin Only knowing what is allowed Consecrate to the pages of this hymn A marionette of synthetic sin
Commencement of ephemeral wandering Strayed from mortal sentience Confined to a celestial realm Yearning to be ageless and free A sequence to achieve sovereignty; Eternal ascendancy Is met with hexed tribulation Scourged by the mystical specters Inclined to sadistic purpose They stifle a desire Within a maelstrom of misery brought forth by reclusive thought Denouncing all that gives serenity to a life beyond totality Perceive what you seek Resist all of time and its malice Exist with atrocities Their guidance will bring tranquility To concede the grip of desolation Assume my throne amongst this void My endeavor for perpetual life Encountered by a detrimental descent Peer into their eyes Perceive the wisdom of odious voices Fulfill their desires An ambition to obtain their empty words I’ve grown apathetic This infinite venture for flourished egos Has met eternal demise As I accept this burden that follows Upon this deviant state of infirmity These graceless steps towards enlightenment Within reach of this barren void
As grace begins to decay Short of breath, immaculate end A bubonic curse within my veins Blackening flesh, Gangrenes suffering Relentless propagating Of a pestilent pathogen Bred as a predacious toxin To devour the innocent They approach my grave with fear Upon the masses, my vision clear Engulfed in meaningless prayer For god is not here The harboring of mass infection Damned to an infernal end To see the passage if demise Beneath a suffocated voice Vociferous chants of wrathful souls Arising symptoms of immolation As I painfully plead….” why?’ A fragmentary search for answers Polluted in disease and torn And met with terminal Reprise With no glimpse of hope
Thoughts and emotions drained away A contagion bred to execrate Is seen through dead, but living eyes Doomed to exist with no soul parasites in a realm of deceit acquisitive spawns live mindlessly Within this putrid horde it spreads A corrosion of nerves Intellectual decay As mortality will Flourish Their ascension so vile The memories of innocence Misplaced in malevolence A disgorge of lectures Envenoms erudition And conveyed through the ages To preserve frail ignorance A corrosion of nerves Intellectual decay Begins
In this vision the voices preach Their prophecies of madness to me Cerebral darkness, free of guilt Inciting shrieks of agony Feeble endeavors for their rotting lives Alluring symphonies to my fatal mind Entombed in the depths of morality Enthralled by perversion and lust The creation of unknown horrors Is an atrocity I must confess In this moment of repentance A gathering of silhouettes A merciless cranial bludgeoning Falling victim to amended purpose Within the dawn of abysmal verdicts Facing the eyes of horrendous fate A desperate plead for amnesty Although their demands manifest To persecute with arrogance Amongst the virtuous progeny A myriad of grotesque misdeeds They decimate an erroneous soul In the temple of solitude The essence of life putrefies Where there is no need for solace As ordinance shows no presence A hopeless prospect of absolution Within the words they won’t believe Against these acts of sacrilege From which my innocence remains


Joining the hordes of death metal coming out of southern California, Insineratehymn is a 5 piece outfit from Los Angeles, originally formed in 2008 by former vocalist Mauricio Lopez, then later reforming in 2016 under Abraham Garcia (drums, ex-Transcendence). Over that time the band has built up a reputation playing shows opening for Chicago death metal veterans, Master in 2016 and sharing the stage with popular local acts within the West Coast death metal scene. Their fresh take on the old school sound is delivered with deadly efficiency, the 7 tracks on “A Moment In a Vision” rife with malicious riffs and seething with a ravenous dark energy and ghoulish lust. Released on CD by Russia’s Narcoleptica Productions in July, 2018, now available as a US edition cassette via Rotted Life
For fans of early Unleashed, Repugnant, and Skeletal Remains.

"This is an incredibly solid release, one that is bloody, heavy and skull crushing through and through, a true embodiment of death metal. This is a malicious release, one seething with malignancy and ghoulish murderous intent. You simply cannot go wrong with A Moment In A Vision" Cadaver Garden


released August 31, 2018

Insineratehymn is:
Hugo Gomez - Vocals
Demitree Rivera - Lead Guitar
Frank Montero - Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Miguel Martinez - Bass
Abraham Garcia - Drums


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Rotted Life Maryland

Worm infested death metal label and mailorder, spawned from the underground in 2018.

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