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Chaos of World Possession

by Masochist

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  • Chaos of World Possession
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By the light of the demon we are commanded to serve To advance global downfall in the guise of solution We are told to keep the peace. The realm is embroiled Those who fight for freedom are construed as the enemy Tearing limb from bloody limb Killing in the streets The population is at war With itself Product of words of hate, rhetoric Spewing forth from magnates, self-seeking A new era of civil strife has now begun Increasing contradictions fueling the flames Poverty in a land of plenty, nothing but excuses Racism, state impunity as the planet fries Capital is the cause Reign of the deity to destroy life now Into flames, into flames with dissenters Misguided, they cannot see the light Our equity a crowning achievement According to lies Product of words of hate, rhetoric Spewing forth from magnates, the bloodshed Time of rebellion in all of god's nations against capital Unified in struggle, humanity puts forth the supreme demand Liberty for all except cruel elites Demon in disguise, purveyor of prosperity or so it decrees More now know that this is the faceless god of exploitation We must continue to struggle for what's important now Slicing forth Hang the bourgeoisie Rip their flesh
Insane monstrous full of evil The empire burns within Hatred pure lust miscalculation Ensuring this great ark will sink Path of destruction set in the past Swelling power from a mode of production Bested the influence of kingdoms Lords and peasants bow before a new class Try as they might there is no way out without sacrifice A superior system to the old order On the basis of wealth creation minimal regard for life Fostering unsustainable consumption Ever-hungry beasts lead the world into war Fabricating pretexts for preemptive military strikes Devastating nations with excessive force For the purpose of resource extraction The people's self-determination denied by the victors Claiming to represent them with bourgeois ideals They live self-assured in defiance of social progress for profit Personified as a sadomasochist, capital leads empire Irresponsibly taking life-risks Cannibalizing itself in absence of fresh frontiers The march for new lands goes on
Genesis of tranquility There is undisturbed equilibrium Nothing exists unless it's seen by me Detected by my solicitous eyes Or are they illusions? Through self-generated perception They are conceived by my neurotic mind Born into the bed of my visual cortex Already fully grown and matured Each travel swiftly as electrical signals ...to my retinas The abnormal phenomenon Stimulates the tissues, arouses my nerves Compelling me to focus my vision Somewhere a nonexistent thing is visible How can this be? Insanity? I know what upsets me Entities that beg to defy My perfect way of creation Giving birth to bliss Is this real? Are they all here? I must confront my condition In my righteousness, false or not, What's before thee must be perfect Or it should not be here in this reality This is my domain to scrutinize down to every quark I do not exist to compromise
Genocide 04:25
I am the spirit of evil I am the spirit of death I'm incarnate through your people Corrupting their sanity Reason slips away Unity starts to decay Selfishness abounds in a time of crisis Man's soul has been weakened They beg for food They must starve Children cry Barons hoard Disparity Class warfare Tragedy Genocide ignored Mass suffering pleases me The master of this world Keeping you all in line Love the regime of hate Dropping bombs where they'll be sure to kill innocents Rebels fight to the death with the dark empire Final battle to secure domination or survival Lacking allies they face extermination Discord, ignorance, overwhelming power The tools to make nations fall Missiles streak across the sky Expression of human barbarity Emaciated corpses line the streets Images broadcasted in conceit Look at what we have accomplished An entire society demolished Pound them in, into the ground Pound them in, into history
Xenophobia 03:17
World of many peoples Confusion from culture Resulting from absence of reason Primal fear is heightened In wake of misunderstanding Society is in crisis Bleeding soul of man Splintered by ideas Conceived of emotion Destined for disaster Some attempt to make peace With the curious foreign beings Claiming they are the same The calls for tranquility Are promptly rejected Formal exclusion begins The elders have decided it's time for war upon the other Ambushed in an attack from the hilltops Savagery rains down on the newcomers Unleashed by brutal adversaries Slaughtering men, women and children Indiscriminate racial violence What started as a desire for preservation Morphed into hateful extermination
Dark lords congregate Devising their plan To destroy the human race Turning man upon man Exploiting animosities Sowing seeds of hatred Scars give way Blaming other cultures for the misdeeds of the empire Existence of terror, racial division expedient Biases of all kinds fester with social decay World domination in directing anger Rising hysteria Accompanies the pain Of a conflicted world Ready to explode Finally the war has begun Declared an act of cleansation Tactic to distract from oppression Resistance must win the day The odds are stiff against the ragtag forces Of the people's revolution Fate is decided in struggle The toiling working class will prevail... Against the hordes Imperial might Crumbles before Soldiers of light The last gasp of empire As proletarian might conquers History reaches conclusion By the slaughter of class warfare


Masochist's debut EP “Chaos of World Possession” had been living digitally on Bandcamp since 2019, but with a recently revamped production, this felt deserving of a physical release and a broader audience.  Creator Vincent Dale’s vocals are particularly ferocious and sound ripped straight from the early ‘90s USDM scene, while some  of these riffs could have easily found their way onto a Monstrosity album and held their own. Now a full fledged band and working on new material, look for more incendiary filth to be disgorged in the near future.  Features reimagined art by the inimitable Skadvaldur.


released February 26, 2021

Masochist is the creation of Vincent Dale (Composition, Vocals, Lyrics)
Assisted by Cameron Homa (Guitar, Bass)
Mixed, Mastered, and Engineered by Dying Empire Productions (2020)
Cover Art by Skadvaldur. Logo by Morbus Shores
Guitar solo on "Chaos of World Possession" by Jordan Avery
Cassette Layout & Design by Moldy Casket


all rights reserved



Rotted Life Maryland

Worm infested death metal label and mailorder, spawned from the underground in 2018.

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