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Coffin Rot​/​Molder - Split

by Coffin Rot.Molder

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Neil Grace
Neil Grace thumbnail
Neil Grace Fucking blinding old school death done with no gimmicks whatsoever. Probably my favourite release of the year and didn’t even see it coming.
Choco Latte
Choco Latte thumbnail
Choco Latte This is a great split from two of death metal's most promising acts. Both of the covers are drowned in gory reverence and the new tracks are absolutely disgusting. Now support Rotted Life, by buying all their stuff. Favorite track: Condemned to the Catafalque by Molder.
adam schnellenbach
adam schnellenbach thumbnail
adam schnellenbach Two of the best reeking up your speakers with a full blown DEATH METAL ASSAULT from the Underground's finest Death Dealers. Favorite track: Unmarked, Shallow Grave by Coffin Rot.
Lance Connett
Lance Connett thumbnail
Lance Connett Such a good split from two bands that play death metal the right way, the old way. Favorite track: Condemned to the Catafalque by Molder.
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Wound up tight in chains Tossed into the flames Pounding against the glass Burning, charring mass Living cremation Flesh melts off of the bone Stench like none I’ve ever known Haunting sound of screams behind the door Soon we will not hear them anymore Mounds of ash will be all that is left Fire hides the secrets I have kept
Women going missing Taken off the street Killed and hacked to pieces Remove finger prints and teeth Rotting pile of corpses Fractured skulls oozing brains Way out in the woods in an unmarked, shallow grave Remains stiff and cold Tossed down into the hole Putrid stench of decay Slowly the flesh rots away No one is going to find them Unidentifiable human remains Viscera begins to liquefy Gory bits of those I’ve slain Remnants of innards and limbs Dirt stained and soaked with their blood In a shallow grave amongst the trees Liquid rot turns the earth into mud
Cries of laughter beneath me As I hang by my neck Choking on a rope ‘till i’m near death Suffocating rapidly It’s my last breath Cut to the ground And stabbed in the chest Hung, drawn and quartered Blood’s then drained out In a gory way Spilling out memories The soil turns red Sucked through my torso And ripped apart Severed into quarters Rigor-mortis sets in Hung, drawn and quartered
Marked by death, you’re doomed Demise is certain, your life is through Pray to the fucking sky Your pleas ignored, you’re gonna die Thrown into your tomb Your casket closes, you are consumed Depleted lifeform subsides Retro-graded, ceasing life Condemned to the catafalque Destined to die since day one Condemned to the catafalque Life degrades, your body rots Rotting, miasmal, melting hide Your body starts to fume Pus spewing rapid, decaying in your casket Maggots line your tomb
Deranged lunatic of the sickest degree Satanic cultist who should never be free His mind filled with warped, disgusting pleasures Dismembering the body to extreme measures Beaten, stabbed, slowly dismembered Crushing life under there’s nothing to remember Boil to separate bone from flesh Unholy, repulsive way of death Flesh carved off, blood flowing strong Intestines dangle, pain lasting long Standing, staring at this bloody mess Sadistically grinning at her slaughtered death Repeat chorus Lifeless limbs flushed away Decomposition day by day Carcass parts laying around Then trying to flush them underground Kill in agonizing pain Getting caught and leaving society to blame Repeat chorus


Split release featuring 3 tracks each from Portland, Oregon’s Coffin Rot and Chicago’s Molder, two fast rising acts from the fetid soil of the death metal underground. Coffin Rot leads the charge, upping the speed, intensity and ferocity of their self-titled demo and crushing their way through two new tracks, as well as a cover of Cancer’s classic, Hung, Drawn, and Quartered. Following their well-received EP, An Act of Revenge, Molder deliver another putrid dose of stripped down, straight forward, old school sounds, built on a foundation of punk directness and simplicity, but wrapped in the gore-obsessed, blood soaked rags of pure death metal. Features a cover of “Repulsive Death” by the legendary Chicago death metal band, Morgue.
CD coming January 2019

" Listening to this split is an absolute grin-inducing joy, made only more enjoyable by each band’s tendency to highlight a different aspect of the fetid death metal aesthetic. If we can expect this kind of music from both Coffin Rot & Molder in the future, we’re in for a treat. These are, undoubtedly, the genre’s forthcoming (lich) kings. Highly recommended!" Sleeping Village Reviews

"..do not sleep on this release as it has potential to be one of the best splits of the year, if not top 5"


released November 9, 2018


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Rotted Life Maryland

Worm infested death metal label and mailorder, spawned from the underground in 2018.

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